MP Secures Debate on HMO Conversions for so-called Supported Accommodation

Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham Selly Oak has secured a Westminster Hall debate on the conversion of family homes to houses in multiple occupation for so-called supported accommodation.

The debate comes after the Birmingham MP reports a number of local problems around HMO’s being used as supported accommodation without sufficient regulation and oversight of the support offered, the conditions of the property and the suitability of the landlord or housing provider. Steve McCabe MP and Birmingham City Council hosted a virtual meeting on housing issues last week where local residents shared their concerns. Constituents in Selly Oak expressed their concerns about landlords breaching planning laws and housing a number of vulnerable people in poorly extended HMO’s with little or no support. Residents have informed Steve of significant problems with unregulated properties including concerns for tenant’s safety and problems with crime, noise, drug use and anti-social behavior.

The number of supported accommodation properties is growing rapidly and it is estimated there are currently 18,700 units of Supported Accommodation in Birmingham alone. Birmingham was recently given £1.048 million funding for a 6-month pilot to test local interventions to regulate supported accommodation.

The Westminster Hall debate will take place on Tuesday 11 November 2020 at 11am.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am pleased to be able to bring the problems my constituents have been raising regarding HMO conversions and supported accommodation to Parliament. I want the Minister to hear the concerns my constituents are raising about family homes being extended to HMO’s for the purposes of supported accommodation with little oversight or regulation. Developers and landlords who breach and evade planning laws should not be able to run supported accommodation properties, instead we need tighter regulation of housing providers and properties to ensure they are fit for purpose. My constituents want housing providers to take responsibility for their properties and provide proper support to vulnerable tenants.”

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