steve mccabe pledges


I’ll continue to campaign for more jobs for our constituency. I plan to set up a local employer’s forum to work with schools, organise more job fairs & develop work with people like VICTAR & Disability Confident to increase job opportunities for those with disabilities.

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NHS and Social Care

We need more money for health.  More GPs to tackle the lack of appointments. Cancer diagnosis & treatment times must improve & increased mental health provision is needed. I’ll work to establish our own constituency health improvement forum to work with professionals & challenge the bureaucrats so that we have a proper say on local services. 

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Policing, justice AND the Fight Against Crime

We must replace the officers we’ve lost & restore neighbourhood policing to realistic levels. We need to rebuild our criminal justice system so that victims are protected, criminals caught & punished & offenders given a chance to reform. I’ll hold regular events to hear your views and ensure that you have a proper say on the policing of your area.

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I will work with Heads, teachers, governors and parents to support our local schools. I’ll seek a better deal for SEND children in terms of provision & access to EHCPs. I’ll work with local schools to develop our own local Recognition Award Scheme to encourage individuals and ideas that really make a difference.

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I’ll put our local environment first so that people can enjoy our parks and other facilities. I’ll work with local councillors and communities to establish a Selly Oak Constituency Environmental            Improvement Plan covering items such as: recycling initiatives; allotments; food pantries;  community gardens like Masefield; improved cycle training for children.

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Homelessness is not an inevitability. I’ll work to end rough   sleeping and what’s become the 21st Century version of ‘Cathy Come Home’. My plans will include a demand for new laws to protect family homes; action on rogue landlords & developers; an end to unregistered & unregulated hostels.

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