Birmingham MP pledges to work with DWP and local businesses to tackle unemployment

Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham Selly Oak pledged to work with the Department for Work and Pensions and local businesses to tackle unemployment as latest figures reveal growing unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Figures released today show there were 5,630 people in Birmingham, Selly Oak constituency claiming unemployment benefits in October 2020. This equates to 7.5% of the population aged 16-64. Local MP Steve McCabe is concerned this is well above the national average of 6.3% 

In Birmingham, 11.2% of the population were claiming unemployment benefits in October 2020 which was a 4.7% increase on last year’s rates. Youth unemployment in particular is a real concern with 7.3% of the population in the West Midlands from all ages claiming unemployment benefits but 10.3% of the age group 18-24 claiming unemployment benefits. There is a clear overrepresentation of young people out of work.  

Last week Steve McCabe MP met with the DWP senior leadership team to discuss concerns about unemployment in the area and the level of pressure currently facing local JobCentres due to an increase in demand. The MP and the DWP spoke about how to get the most out of the employment support programmes and the Kickstart scheme to boost local employment 

Steve McCabe MP has said: 

“Today’s figures are a stark reminder of the damage the pandemic has caused to so many people’s livelihoods, particularly in Selly Oak. Last week I met with local DWP leaders and JobCentres to talk about working together with them, local businesses and employers to ensure Selly Oak gets the most out of the new employment schemes.  

“We can’t sit back and do nothing, thousands of people in my constituency and across Birmingham need help now.” 

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