Tories need Boris break

It’s possible that by the time you read this, we’ll have witnessed the spectacle of Tory MPs defending, in a confidence motion, the man they forced to resign.

In 2019 Boris Johnson told an exhausted nation that he’d get Brexit done and was rewarded with an 80-seat majority, but he betrayed that trust. As ministers were queuing to resign last week, he was putting the finishing touches to a plan to break the law and sabotage the very policy on which he was elected.

He’s no stranger to law breaking whether it be illegal parties or wrongly closing parliament and risking a constitutional crisis for the Queen.

Many Tories knew he wasn’t fit to be PM. Why, after all that’s happened, are they content to allow him to cling to power? It was rumoured, now denied, that he needed Chequers for a big party he’d promised Carrie. Who knows what to believe these days?

This is the man who ignored scientific advice on Covid and failed to attend key meetings, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths. Covid was seen as a money-making opportunity with billions given, in lucrative contracts, to cronies and associates.

Like Trump, he says things he knows aren’t true. The final straw seems to have been his decision to lie about promoting an MP, accused of sexual assault, and claiming he’d forgotten a formal inquiry into that same MP while he was his boss.

You’d think those scrambling to succeed him would be keen to distance themselves but instead they talk of an orderly transition and seem to have forgotten they mounted a coup.

To add insult to injury, nine of those hoping to succeed are in line for a 25% resignation bonus. They resigned for political reasons; they should all rule out accepting this ‘bonus’ otherwise they’ll look as greedy as him. Unless the Tories make a complete break with the appalling greed, arrogance, and dishonesty of Boris Johnson, they’re showing that no matter who they elect, they are not fit to govern.

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