Robert Clinic PSPO Consultation

For a number of years protests have been taking place outside of the BPAS Birmingham South Robert Clinic on Station Road. Due to a growing number of concerns from residents, staff and patients of the clinic, the Council has launched a consultation on the introduction of PSPO, the PSPO is drawn from Beaumont Road to Northfield Road, with the clinic and Station Road in the middle. The PSPO would prohibit certain activities in this area including protests, intimidation, street harassment and handing out leaflets on the topic of abortion. The PSPO if granted would last up to 3 years with the option to be renewed if successful. 

If you live near the clinic, I would strongly recommend you take part in the consultation and have your say on the PSPO. You can view and comment on the consultation online here or email the officer in charge at  The online consultation will close on 23 May 2022.

The Council are also running in person events to discuss the consultation and help with any forms:  

Monday 16th May, 7-9pm, Cotteridge Church, B30 3EJ 

Tuesday 17th May, 1pm, Cotteridge High Street  

I have written to the Council to support the implementation of a PSPO around the clinic. I believe safe access to healthcare should be a priority and that no patient, staff member or local resident should face any kind of shame, intimidation, or harassment. Please see below my comments on the consultation:

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