We must stop trading with all Russian banks

As the West responds to Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, he thinks he can intimidate us and avoid economic sanctions by threatening to put his forces on nuclear alert.

His assault on Ukraine will fail in the end but tragically will result in the deaths of many innocent Ukrainians and young Russian conscripts, some of whom think they’re on military manoeuvres rather than being sacrificed in a pointless war. There can only be one outcome to a nuclear exchange, mutually assured destruction (MAD).

Putin knows that. His generals know it and the Russian people, many of whom oppose him, know it. That’s why we must stand up to him just as John F Kennedy did with Khrushchev and the Cuban missiles back in 1962.

Perhaps if we’d taken a tougher line with Putin earlier, the people of Ukraine could have been spared some of the awful suffering he’s inflicting on them. We can’t acquiesce over his threats.

We’ve got to show that we’re serious about bankrupting him, depriving Russia of all modern technology and isolating it from the civilised world.

We’ve tolerated this dictator for too long. We’ve turned a blind eye to rigged elections in his own country and ignored attempts to undermine western democracies and interference in our elections.

We’ve allowed London to become a playground for his rich Russian friends and our financial institutions, a haven for their dirty money.

It’s time to call a halt. We must stop trading with all Russian banks, close our airspace, block all investment and freeze their assets.

This man must learn that we mean business and that his already fragile economy will collapse if he doesn’t stop this madness.

It’s time to unite against this aggression and like Keir Starmer, I’ll back the government’s efforts to take the necessary steps. I ask one thing in return. We can’t destroy Putin and his cronies while still accepting their money.

It’s time for the Tory party to give up its Russian donors. The interests of our country and defeating this dictator are far greater than the financial interests of any political party.

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