Birmingham MP says ‘Queens Speech Lacks Urgency’

Steve McCabe MP (Birmingham Selly Oak) has said we must make this Queen’s Speech work for the West Midlands and improve it where possible but ultimately says it lacks the urgency needed to tackle the issues facing his constituents. 

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech on 11 May, Steve McCabe MP said:

“On Health, we’ll never address big issues in our health service, bed shortages and waiting times, until we tackle Social Care. I welcome plans to innovate and use technology and hope we’ll particularly see strides in the treatment of heart valve patients.

“I don’t think offering people, who are unemployed or need to retrain, a loan is the answer. We need to look at more flexible use of National Insurance, especially for those people who have a large record of payments and have never made any claim on them and we need to look at more local commissioning of job schemes and work with local business, especially when it comes to helping disabled people into work.

“If we’re really good to change things for the better we need to revisit child care, early years and family support and ensure a much better level of early intervention for children with problems – a classic example is the waiting lists for those needing help with speech, language and communication difficulties.

“I’m amazed there is nothing to tackle the growth of HMOs which are destroying family homes and the explosion of exempt accommodation which is putting so many people at risk

“We must try and make it work for us in the West Midlands and where we can, seek to amend and add to Bills to improve things. But for me, this Queen’s Speech lacks urgency to tackle the issues my constituents are facing.”

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