Government’s Proposed Planning Reforms Overwhelmingly Rejected by Selly Oak

Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak has said his constituency-wide survey found the vast majority of constituents who responded do not support proposed changes to the planning system. 

An online constituency survey answered by local residents and neighbourhood forums has found that 92% of respondents are concerned changes will not allow enough time for them to respond to local planning proposals. Steve has expressed serious concerns about the Planning For the Future White Paper appearing to limit the voice of local residents in the planning process. Only 5% of respondents agreed with the Governments proposals to remove physical notices of Planning Applications, there are real worries that residents will miss notifications of nearby applications. Residents are also concerned that the proposals leave little accountability for developers and there is a lack of transparency and scrutiny of developers.  

On permitted development, 93% of residents did not support the Government’s extension of permitted development rights. Instead 97% of those who answered the survey said Council’s should be given further powers to deal with developers who breach planning laws and 92% said residents should be given a right to appeal against major applications and change of use applications. 

Steve McCabe MP spoke in the debate on planning reforms to raise his constituents concerns and will also be using this feedback to respond to the Government’s White Paper. 

Steve McCabe MP said: 

“My constituents and I are in agreement that the Government’s proposed changes to the Planning System will do far more harm than good. These proposals will reduce the already limited power of residents to comment on proposals in their local area, these changes favour big developers who do not live in the communities they are seeking to change. 

97% of respondents to my survey want the Government to give Council’s further powers to fine developers who breach planning law. It is essential that developers are held accountable and are encouraged to build affordable, safe and high quality properties without damaging the local character and community. Local communities must be heard in the planning process and I will continue to stand up to the Government’s proposals”   

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