Unemployment up three months in a row in Selly Oak constituency

Unemployment is up in Selly Oak for the third month in a row leaving the constituency in the top 10% for unemployment in the UK.

Steve McCabe MP has expressed real concern about figures revealed today by the Office for National Statistics which show that yet again unemployment has increased in his constituency since January, February and this time last year.

The figures show that unemployment among those eligible to work in Selly Oak constituency is up to 4.6% compared to 2.5% nationally. The number of claimants in Birmingham, Selly Oak constituency is up on both last month and this time last year.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It is really worrying that month by month unemployment in my constituency is increasing and with last week’s budget I don’t see things getting any better for my constituents who continue to get a raw deal from this government. Education and social care funding cuts, unemployment up, GP practices closing and schools shut down. What exactly does this government have against the people of Selly Oak?

“We keep being told that people who are ‘just about managing’ are being put first but I don’t see any evidence of that here in Selly Oak. It’s clear that not enough is being done to invest in jobs and skills in Birmingham, especially in certain parts of my constituency which continues to be left behind. Today the Chancellor has done a major U-turn on his plans to hike up tax for the self-employed, the budget was a chance to do something with the Apprenticeship Levy to make a real difference and help small businesses but all we’ve had is more confusion.”

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Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe is the Labour MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak, and has been an MP continuously since 1 May 1997.

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