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Steve McCabe MP is making the case for remaining in the EU and is campaigning across Selly Oak in the run up to the referendum.

Steve launched his local EU campaign by inviting the former Prime Minister and Chancellor, Gordon Brown to the constituency where hundreds of people turned up to hear his case for remaining in the EU. The former PM put forward a very strong argument for why we should remain with a particular focus on jobs, business, investment, cooperation across borders and national security. There were many people at the event who asked important questions and Steve is hosting a further two discussion events so that there are opportunities for those still unsure or undecided.

In addition to the events, Steve has run an email and postal survey across the constituency to ensure that the views of local people are heard. Steve is also communicating his message to stay in the EU by talking to people on the doorstep about the referendum and has had some very informative conversations which have helped form his position on the EU. As well as engaging with local people he has been meeting with students from schools across the constituency to seek their opinions as this big national decision will ultimately affect their future opportunities. Steve will also be joining West Midlands MEP, Neena Gill for a Q&A session this week with local people from South Birmingham.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I think that it is extremely important to listen to the views of my constituents and explain my position for staying in the EU. I personally will be campaigning to remain in the EU for a number of reasons, primarily because I am worried that jobs and trade will go if we vote to leave. I’m not saying that the EU is perfect in its current form but I do think we need to utilise the resources available which this government are not tapping into. We need an EU migration fund where we can receive extra money to support our services if there is a significant influx of EU workers into any particular town or area in this country. A government working for us would negotiate that.

“The cost of the EU is about £1 per day per household. We easily recoup this money in jobs and trade although if the government refuses to apply for EU funds, as is the case with their recent refusal to apply for help with flood damage, that is a comment on our government not the EU. Ultimately, my major fear is that leaving will destroy a generation of trade for young people which could leave us a much poorer country. I will be making this case in my constituency through campaigning in the run up to the referendum.”

If you live in Northfield, Richard Burden MP is also running a number of community events. If you would like to attend you can contact his office directly via the contact details on his website.

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Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe is the Labour MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak, and has been an MP continuously since 1 May 1997.

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