Creative Sector Needs Recovery Cash Now

One thing we won’t be hearing this Christmas is that pantomime favourite, ‘he’s behind you.’ Even Christmas is now in doubt.  I recently heard from a constituent who contacted me early in lockdown. He’s a self-employed artist who concentrates on children’s entertainment. The government advised him to take a Bounce Back loan but remain oblivious toContinue reading Creative Sector Needs Recovery Cash Now

Time to Step up or Step Aside

Dear Secretary of State The people of Birmingham are not stupid. We are a proud, diverse and industrious population, used to coping with adversity. We’ll accept new restrictions, in the battle against coronavirus, but in return we expect clarity, honesty and some respect. Last week your office issued a statement about new restrictions affecting Birmingham,Continue reading Time to Step up or Step Aside

Unemployment needs Urgent and Targeted Intervention says Birmingham MP

Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham Selly Oak has raised concerns about another increase in unemployment in his constituency. Figures released today show the unemployment rate is currently 7.3% in Birmingham Selly Oak, this is notably higher than the national average which now stands at 6.3%. The data also shows the number of those claiming benefits increased againContinue reading Unemployment needs Urgent and Targeted Intervention says Birmingham MP

Creating corona confusion

We’re nearly two thirds through this year and what a year! We’ve had lockdown, shortages and loss of everyday activities. Our lives have been turned upside down.  I don’t underestimate the horrible nature of this pandemic or the lives lost but am I alone in doubting the government? Not that long ago the PM was saying we should look forward to ‘normality’ for Christmas but just as we’re getting used to things with pubs and restaurants reopening and swimming pools and bingo clubs back in action, we’re facing localContinue reading Creating corona confusion