Labour Party Conference Triumph

I’ve been to many Labour Party conferences over the years but few where I’ve encountered the quiet determination so evident in Liverpool this week. Labour has grown up under Keir Starmer. It’s shed the crazy promises, the ugly attitudes and the politics of envy. It’s returned to its roots, supporting working people and taking pride in being British. This is the Labour Party our parents and grandparents worked for and supported, a party rebuilt and ready to face the challenges of the future.

There’s no arrogance and no boasting but a simple desire to win the consent of voters in order that we might get our future back.

The conference opened with Deputy Leader Angela Rayner displaying a concern for homelessness that’s been absent for 13 years. She understands the plight of young couples, unable to rent a property or dream of buying a home in the towns and cities where they grew up. There was no boasting from her, just a solid commitment that Labour will build the decent, affordable homes needed to end this scandal.

Labour is setting out its stall and taking nothing for granted. Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Chancellor, emphasised our need to fight for every vote. She wants to restore hope and faith in politics and usher in an era of economic security to rebuild our fortunes and give support and encouragement to those prepared to work hard and do right by their families.

She paved the way for Keir Starmer, the man who looks more like our next Prime Minister with every passing day. He’s determined to kick off a decade of renewal and banish 13 years of Tory failure and double dealing. His proposals include safer streets, cheaper home-grown green energy, a rebuilt and rejuvenated NHS and above all the kind of stable, economic growth needed to ensure a future of jobs and rising prosperity for all.

His ambitions are in stark contrast to the grubby, self-centred, corrupt politics which have so dominated during the Tory years. It’s a vision for the British people and a promise of real change and hope for everyone.

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