Falling Apart

First, Boris Johnson was driven from office because even his own MPs could no longer tolerate his lies. Then we suffered the Liz Truss disaster, resulting in chaos in the markets, threats to pensions, increases in mortgages and rents, and the highest tax burden in 70 years. It’s easy to see how Tory MPs must have breathed a huge sigh of relief when Sunak promised a government characterised by professionalism, integrity, and accountability.

Less than a hundred days into his premiership things are going from bad to worse. He’s finally had to sack party chairman Nadhim Zahawi, the former Chancellor, who claimed he overlooked paying £4.5M in tax because he was careless. That wasn’t the view of the taxman who fined him as well as demanding the outstanding millions.

Just as the PM was trying to extinguish the Zahawi scandal, new problems were surfacing. Further cuts to HS2 suggest the trains won’t even reach central London. Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has denied it which is about as reassuring as the chairman’s vote of confidence, usually offered to hapless football managers just before they’re sacked.

Now there’s news that our army is so under-strength and poorly equipped that our American cousins have relegated us to the second division. Our forces were once the envy of the world, now we can’t even buy equipment that works.

Rishi Sunak’s obviously got a long way to go on the professionalism and integrity front.

The outcome of the investigation into Deputy PM, Dominic Rabb, continues, but allegations of bullying appear to be multiplying by the day and questions are still being asked about the Home Secretary. She was forced to depart following a security breach but reappointed by Mr Sunak six days later. So much for accountability.

Just how much longer can we put up with this? Our public services are falling apart, the economy is a mess and the country’s beset by strikes. Even Jacob Rees Mogg has described the government’s anti-strike legislation as dangerous and incompetent. For the sake of the people of the UK, we need a general election now not later.

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