End this Game of Thrones and let the people decide

I didn’t think I’d be returning to this so soon, but Tory leaders change quicker than football managers these days.  

Just six weeks after telling us Liz Truss was the answer, we’re inundated with Tory MPs claiming Rishi Sunak, whom they rejected in favour of Liz Truss, is now the answer.  

I wish the new PM well but can’t ignore the fact this is a coronation and not an election and he did serve as Boris Johnson’s Chancellor while presiding over 10% inflation. 

The government of our country isn’t some board game where you make and change alliances on the throw of the dice. It’s about honest, difficult decisions which have far reaching consequences. Our system relies on a democratic election where people vote for the party which makes the best offer, and its leader forms a government.  

We’re now on three PMs and four chancellors in the last four months. There’s yet another cabinet reshuffle pending. It’s almost impossible to know who’s responsible for anything.  

Promises to level up communities and put right problems in social care, the NHS and justice have all been abandoned.  

After 12 years, the Tories have nothing to offer but another bout of crippling austerity. 

It’s obvious they’ve run out of ideas.  

They’re so busy fighting among themselves and acting out of self-interest that they no longer care about the country. That’s why we need a general election.  

Rishi Sunak can only be regarded as a caretaker. He should be given the necessary support to enact a minimum programme designed to protect the economy from the difficulties which the Tories have caused but only until preparations can be made for an election where the public decides. 

I believe it’s time for a change and time for a Labour government which will be honest and realistic about the challenges ahead. We need to protect energy supplies, create new jobs for the future with our green prosperity plan and manage the economy in the interests of everyone, not a privileged few.  

I’m ready to pit that offer against the tired, played out Tories no matter who leads them. 

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