Steve McCabe MP visits Speciality Minerals

Steve McCabe MP has recently visited Speciality Minerals in Lifford Lane.

It follows some local complaints about noise from the site.

The actual site has been there since 1898 and Steve first visited back in the early 1990s when he was a councillor for the Brandwood Ward.

There have been some lurid stories on social media about what actually happens at the site but the real answer is quite simple, the plant makes precipitated calcium carbonate a product used in toothpaste, stomach pills and other medicines as well as having an application in sealants used in a variety of common place equipment.

It employs 51 people, mostly from the local area.

The business is treating noise complaints seriously and has recently been carrying out noise monitoring, as well as replacing equipment with lower decibel machines.

Birmingham tends to have a number of manufacturing sites in or near residential areas and its not unusual for there to be some conflicts but of course in a manufacturing city its always a question about how such things are managed and in this case we are talking about a site that’s been operating there for more than 120 years.

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