Steve McCabe MP visits local fire station

Steve McCabe MP visited the local constituency fire station in Billesley recently, to check in with staff during this summer of intense heatwaves and the cost-of-living crisis.

Steve had an informative chat with the station staff who stressed that not only are the recent scorching temperatures affecting the risk of fire and hazard, but the cost-of-living crisis is changing the way people heat food, with more makeshift heat sources created, such as indoor barbeques which has led to increased call outs and fire outbreaks.

Steve listened to their serious concerns about the cuts to the fire services overall, which has led to a strain on the services they are able to provide, where on various occasions they would need to support other fire stations. Billesley fire station staff informed Steve of their recommendations for the sector to improve and be helped by the government, suggesting better joined up services between control staff taking emergency calls and operational staff within the firefighting units, and further suggesting better cohesive services among all emergency services. As well as this, they emphasised the need for stable funding and no cuts, so vital work would not fall through the cracks.

Steve recognises the concerns and will be raising them in Parliament after the recess. Steve will continue to campaign to ensure local services have the support and funding they need to keep our communities safe. 

In the meantime, Billesley Fire Station will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary on Saturday 3rd September with an open day for all to join, please see their Facebook page for more details:

For advice and tips on fire safety during the heatwave please see: Heatwave Safety – West Midlands Fire Service (

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