Bloodthirsty dictators…

I don’t normally comment here on foreign affairs, but events last week, which got scant interest in our media, caught my attention.

Putin left Russia for only the second time. He visited Iran where he met Ayatollah Khamenei and President Raisi. These two make the Kray twins look like choir boys. Also present was supposed NATO ally, President Erdogan of Turkey.

On Friday, Russia signed a UN agreement, brokered by Turkey, to allow safe passage of 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine to avert famine, higher prices and bread riots, but within 24 hours they launched a missile attack on Odessa where much of the grain is stored.

This duplicitous activity is reminiscent of the games Hitler played before World War Two. It’s not clear whether the Turks were duped or are attempting to play both sides.

The Russian and Iranian economies are under severe pressure because of western sanctions. It’s thought Putin promised the Iranians cheap grain and help to exploit oil reserves in return for drones to use against Ukraine.

Putin is a former KGB officer who persecuted dissidents and the man who destroyed the fledgling democracy in Russia after the old Soviet Union. Raisi and Khamenei are responsible for the massacre of thousands of Iranians and the creation of a fundamentalist theocracy which has no respect for human rights.

Iran is the largest exporter of terrorism around the world and is already on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons.

Three days after Putin’s visit, the Iranian opposition, based in a UN supported settlement in Albania, were forced to call off an international conference for a free and democratic Iran which was expected to draw senior politicians from around the world, including former British Defence Secretary Liam Fox. The Albanians, British and Americans had all received intelligence warnings of a planned Iranian terrorist attack.

Our media should pay attention to such events because they show these are people we can’t negotiate with. They are bloodthirsty dictators who will stop at nothing and unless we match them militarily and crush them economically, they will set out to destroy us.

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