Contenders don’t inspire

Johnson was driven from office because his own side could no longer tolerate his constant lies.

Those same MPs now say they are the right people to shortlist his successor before handing the final choice to less than 160,000 Tory Party members.

Of those likely to succeed, the former Chancellor Rishi Sunak is responsible for 15 tax rises and record inflation and the man who wrote off £4.3 billion of our hard-earned money through unchecked fraud. He also held on to a US Green Card just in case he had to leave the country and his extremely rich wife avoids paying her rightful share of tax in Britain.

Penny Mordaunt talks of her credentials as a Royal Navy reservist and claims to be a long-time supporter of the Falklands. It has emerged that she has never served on an operational deployment and doesn’t fulfil the Royal Navy Reserve commitments, nor could we mount a Falklands operation today because of cuts she presided over both as the Armed Forces Minister and Secretary of State for Defence.

Liz Truss claims to be the new Margaret Thatcher and a confirmed Brexiteer despite being the president of the Lib Dems at university and having campaigned to remain in the European Union. Her real obsession seems to be cheese, especially the amount we import which she describes as a national disgrace.

They don’t inspire me and question marks over their key claims make me nervous that they may be no more truthful than Johnson. A Prime Minister forced out because of lies and scandals is what I call a national disgrace. His potential successors are fighting like ferrets in a sack.

How can it be right that we have a third unelected Tory PM imposed in such circumstances? Surely the people of this country should decide.

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