Birmingham MP brands Queen’s Speech a ‘Missed Opportunity’

The Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak – Steve McCabe MP – ​critiqued the Government’s forthcoming legislative agenda for failing to address the key issues affecting the West Midlands.

Speaking in last Monday’s Queen’s Speech debate in the House of Commons, the Birmingham MP highlighted the absence of a number of key topics from the programme including the lack of a plan to fix social care, support for children’s development, action to tackle hospital waiting times, additional funding for neighbourhood policing, action for carers and any significant levelling up in Birmingham. 

Steve McCabe MP explained he was gravely concerned that the Government is prioritising issues that ordinary families care little for, by focussing on the ideological privatisation of Channel 4, rather than allotting parliamentary time to act on manifesto pledges to introduce a week’s unpaid leave for carers.  He urged the Government to act on issues such as education, health and crime which are impacting local residents on a daily basis. 

Speaking on the Queens Speech, Steve McCabe MP said:

“The Government are great on slogans — ‘get it done’, ‘oven-ready’, ‘levelling up’ — but the reality is that they have consistently failed to get the right things done, their ideas are mostly half-baked, and the key statistics show that they are levelling down, not up. My constituents are facing real problems and hardship, they want a Government that gets on with the most pressing concerns to ensure opportunities, access to health and support for all generations” 

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