Council Tax Rebate

The government announced on 3 February 2022 that a Council Tax Rebate, a payment of £150, will be made from April 2022 and will not need to be paid back. This is different to the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

Households are eligible where, on 1 April 2022, they are liable for council tax on a property which is in council tax bands A-D and which they live in as their main home. This includes those who receive Local Council Tax Support, even if their council tax bill for the year is less than £150.

For those living in eligible properties and who pay their council tax by direct debit, Birmingham City Council will make the payment directly to your bank account, you do not need to do anything in the meantime. Birmingham City Council have stated that they are preparing the first payment files this week and will confirm the dates once payments commence, your bank statement will show this as £150 received from ‘B’ham City Council’

If you live in an eligible property and do not pay your council tax bill by direct debit, Birmingham City Council will need to confirm your payment details. You can either supply your bank account details so we can make a payment directly into your bank account or ask for the rebate to be credited against your council tax bill. The Grant Approval Website has now been launched so you can tell us this information and can be found here:

Birmingham City Council have also made arrangement’s made to support council taxpayers who are vulnerable and need help completing their online form. If you need to access this service, please call 0121 303 1113 to arrange an appointment.

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