Call for Evidence on Exempt Accommodation

Birmingham City Council has called for evidence for their inquiry into supported exempt accommodation.

The purpose of this Inquiry is to look at exempt accommodation in Birmingham, the role of the Council and what improvements need to be made, either directly by the City Council or through dialogue with Government. “Exempt accommodation” is a term used in Housing Benefit and Universal Credit to describe supported accommodation where the rules that normally limit the amount of rent covered by a benefit award do not apply.

Steve McCabe MP and other MP’s across Birmingham have raised concerns about the growing number of exempt accommodation properties in Birmingham. There has been a significant increase in reports of vulnerable people being placed in inappropriate accommodation without the support promised. Last year, Steve McCabe MP was seeking to address these concerns in his 10 Minute Rule Bill on Supported Accommodation. 

If you are a resident of supported accommodation, a neighbour, or in a resident’s group with experience of a local problem please consider having your say. 

  • What issues are faced in Birmingham by residents and agencies associated with exempt accommodation?
  • Are City Council processes fit for purpose, sustainable, efficient or exacerbating any issues?
  • Why do people use exempt accommodation?
  • What are the drivers for landlords to enter into providing exempt accommodation?
  • What role can Planning legislation play within the confines of existing legislation and how can planning be used or amended to manage the growth of exempt accommodation?
  • What are the health needs faced by this group of vulnerable people?
  • What can we learn from people’s experiences and best practice in other parts of the country?

You can send a written submission to: by Friday 19 February. Find out more here

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