Steve McCabe MP meets with constituents in Bournville and unsurprisingly, Brexit tops the agenda

Steve McCabe met with more than 30 constituents for a report back session in advance of Parliament reconvening on Thursday 29th August, one day after the Prime Minister’s announcement of his plans to prorogue Parliament.

It was a lively session, largely confined to the question of Brexit and the Prime Minister’s latest manoeuvres.


There were a number of clear messages which Steve was asked to take back to Westminster:

the vast majority were opposed to a No Deal Brexit and wanted Steve to do all that he could to oppose it; there was considerable support for a confirmatory vote on any final deal with an option to remain if the public rejected the deal; people wanted politicians to work across party and be constructive and say what they were for rather than constantly repeat what they are against; any confirmatory vote should be conducted under much tighter rules so that politicians are prevented from blatant lying about the issues; rules covering the conduct of MPs, Ministers and the Prime Minister need to be tightened and more rigorously enforced otherwise trust with the public and those who govern will collapse.


Steve McCabe said:

“This was a lively meeting and I didn’t feel people were pulling their punches. Most are fed up with what they see as the antics and game playing at Westminster and the latest stunt on proroguing Parliament hasn’t helped. They are clear that they want honesty, people pulling together in the interests of the country and much more respect for the public whether they be leavers or remainers. It was a sobering event and I think more of those who like playing games at Westminster should subject themselves to similar meetings.”


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Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe is the Labour MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak, and has been an MP continuously since 1 May 1997.

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