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The 4th Annual Veterans' Day will take place this Monday July 11th at Swanshurst School. The event includes a parade and lunch for the Veterans to enjoy. The lunch has very kindly been provided by the Moseley Round Table.

Before and after lunch students fromt he school will have the opportunity to talk the Veterans about their wartime experiences.

Steve McCabe MP said:

On Saturday 25th June Steve attended the annual Bournville Festival held at the Bournville Cricket Ground near the Cadbury factory. This year was the 109th year that the event has been held in Bournville and over 8,000 people attended.


On Friday 1st July Steve attended the Executive Forum with representatives of Guangzhou to discuss potential business and education opportunities with Guangzhou and Birmingham. The event was organised by the University of Birmingham and took place at the International Convention Centre.


Attending a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dentistry at Parliament, Steve discovered how local targeted schemes are being used to tackle oral health inequalities.
The meeting heard from Dr Colette Bridgman, Consultant in Dental Public Health, who highlighted the extent of oral health inequalities that exist amongst children across the UK. In Birmingham, water fluoridation has ensured that the level of tooth decay in 12-15 year olds has dropped dramatically over the last 20 years.

Year 6 students at Raddlebarn School held their own political 'Question Time' with Steve on Friday. Questions ranged from 'How much do MPs earn?' to local issues about the future use of the Selly Oak Hospital Site, gangs, the Olympics, and international issues like Libya and Human Trafficking.

Steve said, ‘This a very talented group of young people. I met them previously on a visit to Westminster and I’m really impressed with their knowledge and concern for others. There are some future budding politicians in this group without a doubt.’

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The Tory led Government has decided to impose an unelected Shadow Mayor on Birmingham before Birmingham even has a chance to say whether it wants a Mayor.

A referendum on the mayor question is pencilled in for 2012. If Birmingham residents decide they want a mayor an election will take place in 2013. But that means before a referendum and before an election, a Shadow Mayor will have been imposed on the people of Birmingham. The Mayor will have full powers despite the public never having voted for them.

At the British Legion event Steve was told about the charity’s new strapline, ‘Shoulder to shoulder with all who serve’, and about the difference the Legion is making in the local area. Steve also learnt more about the Legion’s ‘Time to do your bit’ campaign amongst MPs, as well as its concern that the Government should support bereaved Armed Forces families through a Chief Coroner’s Office.

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