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During the 2016 Budget debate this week in the House of Commons, Steve McCabe MP criticised the Chancellor’s weak budget and his plan for Birmingham.

Steve attacked the Chancellor for failing to deliver on targets that he predicted and said after eight budgets, Osborne has run out of excuses. Steve pointed out that the budget was further proof of the Tory economic plan for Birmingham and it was clear that there is no sign of rebalancing the economy.

Steve told the House:

Steve McCabe MP has revealed that since 2013 only 9% of specialist science research and innovation funding has been spent in the West Midlands, compared to a whopping 46% in London.

Speaking in the House of Commons during the debate on the Science budgets for Estimates Day, Steve wanted to know why the West Midlands receives such little funding for science research and innovation.  Official figures obtained from the House of Commons Library show that Catapult only spent 9% of its funding in the West Midlands, compared to 46% in London and 22% in the South East.

Steve McCabe MP is calling on the government to end fuel poverty and make home insulation a national priority.

During winter, hundreds of local families on low incomes struggled to heat their homes and Steve has joined his Labour colleagues in calling on the government to tackle this recurring problem by making home insulation a national priority.

Steve McCabe MP has condemned the Government’s proposals to cut benefits for people too ill to work, pushing some of the most vulnerable even further into poverty when they should be focusing on recovering from ill health.

Steve has heard from a number of constituents and their carers, worried about the impact of the government’s proposals to reduce the amount of Employment Support Allowance they receive, a vital lifeline for many people who are too ill to work.

Steve McCabe MP is supporting calls to make it easier to convict people involved in the barbaric ‘sport’ of dog-fighting after a new report disclosed shocking new information. 

The report -‘Betrayal of Trust: The Tragedy of Dog Fighting’ - reveals at least one dog fight is likely to take place every day of the year somewhere in the UK despite the cruel practice having been outlawed almost 200 years ago. 

Commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports, the report is the first comprehensive look at dog fighting in the UK, and also highlights:

This was never going to be an easy decision, I believe MPs should think long and hard before they make such decisions. It was right that Labour MPs were given a free vote because I’ve become convinced that issues of such importance and conscience shouldn’t be subject to normal party discipline.

In a unanimous cross-party report published today, Wednesday 11 November 2015, the Commons Work and Pensions Committee says in the absence of any satisfactory mitigation of tax credit cuts, the Government should pause for a year and plan for a major overhaul of the tax credit system.

Steve McCabe MP, who is a member of the Work and Pensions Select Committee has said that the measures for those who would be helped are “dwarfed” by the cuts. As things stand the majority of families affected will still be worse off by 2020-21.

Steve McCabe MP is supporting a new app which has been launched by Heart UK and Sanofi to raise awareness about cholesterol levels.

Steve recently learnt that the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease in his constituency in 2013 was 229 and whilst this figure has decreased over the years, Steve has stressed that more needs to be done which is why he is supporting the release of a new cholesterol based app.

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At business questions, Steve McCabe MP asked the Leader of the House for a debate on the Government’s plans to cut energy feed-in tariffs and the reports that this will cost 20,000 jobs, devastate the rooftop solar industry and lead to 1 million fewer solar power installations by 2020.

Watch the video to see Chris Grayling MP’s response, he refused to acknowledge the damage that the cuts would have on the solar industry and was evasive in his answer.


The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are currently ‘consulting’ on proposals to freeze the threshold at which students start to repay their student loans. Under the system introduced in 2012 students would start repaying their loans when they were earning £21,000 per annum and the threshold would rise with average earnings like the old system.


The Government is now proposing to freeze the threshold, meaning students will face paying thousands more.


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